Ending the semester is ruff.

So, the end of the semester is quickly approaching. I may not be posting as frequently so I wanted to be sure I gave you all a list of a few events and things that you can do with your dogs in the Lafayette area.

Hiking can be so much fun on a hot summer day

Hiking can be so much fun on a hot summer day

1. Go Hiking!

There are several parks that are pet friendly not far from Lafayette and campus. I love Turkey Run State Park, but Happy Hollow, Shades and Raccoon Lake are also fun places to take your dogs for a scenic walk.

2. Watch for events at the dog park

Unfortunately the Shamrock Dog Park had to reschedule their free dog park day because of the dog flu scouring the mid-west. The park plans to reschedule the event for later this summer. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for a new date and more events.

Excitedly running to the entrance of the Shamrock Dog Park

Excitedly running to the entrance of the Shamrock Dog Park

3. Watch Natalie’s Second Chance‘s Facebook for pop-up events.

Natalie’s is always pairing with local businesses and organizations for fundraisers and outreach events. They aren’t always the best about advertising for these events, but check their Facebook page for possible events this summer.

4. Start a new dog training class.

Malakai really did great at the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club as a pup and they run agility trials all summer. Even if your dog doesn’t know agility, it is fun to watch on Monday’s at 7 p.m. PetSmart is another local dog training facility that has many puppy classes all season.

your dog may not be this good at first, but imagine the cool things he could do at the end of the summer.

your dog may not be this good at first, but imagine the cool things he could do at the end of the summer.

5. Adopt a new friend

Finally, Almost Home Humane Society, Natalie’s Second Chance and Loving Heart Animals Shelter are always trying to find their fur-babies home. Almost Home hosts a lot of adoption events that offer discounted adoption rates and the other shelters are always staked out around town at places like Pet Supplies Plus and PetSmart trying to help their dogs find homes.

There are so many great places you can take your dogs this summer. Puccini’s will even allow your dog to dine on their patio! Don’t leave your furkid at home this summer, especially when there are so many great things you can do together.


Frozen, Fuzzy Feet- The 12 Dogs of Winter

Winter has finally fallen upon Lafayette, IN. We were hit with a blizzard and the dogs aren’t really sure how to feel about it. Jayda loves the fluffy white stuff and Malakai can’t get inside fast enough.

To put it lightly, he can’t stand the frozen snow ball feet of doom.

Their polar reactions lead me to create the 12 Dogs of Winter. Let us know what you think.


The Buckles Buzz

If you are a dog-loving Lafayette citizen you have got to make a trip to Buckles Feed Depot.

Buckles is the gourmet pet food store of the Greater Lafayette Area. They carry foods for all animals ranging from snakes to primates.

If the variety and small town feel doesn’t entice you to want to go, I’m sure the store dog, Magnum, may persuade you.

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5 Reasons dog owners are healthier

You know, we’ve all been called it at one point in time for one reason or another- Crazy. It may come in different contexts, like when you’re allowing your 90 pound dog to lick your face or you’ve decided to remodel the laundry room or the space under the stairs just for your little fluffy companion, or is that just me?

But really though, how bad can being dog crazy be? I’m prepared to share with you 5 reasons why Fido is good for your health. You may be so convinced by the end of this article that you may feel the need to adopt another little fluffy bundle of joy.

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Doggie Date Night, anyone?

Love is in the air, the cold wind is blowing relationships closer together and pups in shelters are tucked into their kennels dreaming of finding their perfect humans and u-hauling it into the home of their dreams.

What better gift could you give yourself than a canine companion? A canine companion is someone who will be there when you wake up in the morning staring you in the face nose to cold, wet nose; someone that will be there to kiss away your tears when your human relationship fumbles through milestones. Someone that will love you even on your grungiest sweatpants and hair tie kind of day.

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Grain free, Gluten free… What do I need?

Parading up and down the aisles of the local pet food store attempting to choose the “best” food for your dog can kind of feel like you’re the pug in a group of border collies chasing a tennis ball at the dog park. You’re trying your hardest, but you just don’t know if you’re going to get it.

mickeynatureslogicI work at Buckles Feed Depot and we sell premium pet foods. I have noticed that in recent years grain and gluten free pet foods have become more common. Thanks to companies like Blue Buffalo and Wellness, pet owners are becoming more aware of what their pets are eating.

I’m also betting that the 2007 wheat gluten contamination also helped to make pet owners more aware. Continue reading

That poor pup! Why’d you do this GoDaddy?!

Everyone seems to be getting excited for the Super Bowl. I guess I could say I’m excited for the big game too if you’d consider the commercials the star of the game.

This morning my blog feed was blowing up about some GoDaddy Super Bowl ad and I was expecting the ooey gooey cuteness that Budweiser slobbers on us every year… That’s definitely not what I got. Continue reading

Malakai has resigned

Malakai has officially hung up his baking apron and has decided that writing just isn’t for him- he prefers eating treats rather than writing about them. Don’t be discouraged though, I’ll be relaying some of Malakai and Jayda’s best stories of the week on “Malakai Monday’s”. So, in the spirit of Malakai’s resignation I would like to announce the all new Poe’s Kitchen blog.Malakai

I’ll still be posting about what’s going on for dogs in the Lafayette area, but I’ll also be posting toy and treat reviews and maybe even some ideas on how to make your own toys. Your dog may love the $25.00 Kong Wobbler treat dispensing toy from Buckles Feed Depot, but if I can find a way to make my own that will save a few dollars maybe I can eat Taco Bell instead of Ramen a few nights a week. Who am I kidding, I’d still probably skip out on Taco Bell and buy the puppies a bully stick. Continue reading