I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

There is nothing my dogs love more than cream, ice cream.

After a long trip to the dog park in the beautiful weather we are having, Malakai and Jayda needed a little something to help themselves cool down.

That’s when Malakai saw the magic sign and if he could yell, I’m sure he’d say something like this-


So, of course I stopped and got them each a cup of vanilla ice cream. Rae, their other mother, was the mean one and made them wait until they got home to enjoy their frozen treat.

The following series of events ensued.

Puppies eating dq

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I swear Malakai would climb a mountain for any kind of food with the word cream in it. Do any of your dogs go bonkers over ice cream?


OMG- These are so my dog

This week has been really crazy and I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my dogs as I would have liked to.

When I’m missing my fur-kids I turn to Pinterest for some doggy entertainment, and my most favorite source for a good laugh is dog meme’s.

Hopefully this compilation helps you get through your Friday so that all you have to worry about is keeping Fido away from the Easter Dinner on Sunday…and maybe passing him a piece of chicken under the table.

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Frozen, Fuzzy Feet- The 12 Dogs of Winter

Winter has finally fallen upon Lafayette, IN. We were hit with a blizzard and the dogs aren’t really sure how to feel about it. Jayda loves the fluffy white stuff and Malakai can’t get inside fast enough.

To put it lightly, he can’t stand the frozen snow ball feet of doom.

Their polar reactions lead me to create the 12 Dogs of Winter. Let us know what you think.