I can’t believe you just said that!

I’m sure most all of us dog-child owners consider our dogs, just that, children. So, I can’t be the only one that gets totally offended when a guest comes to my house or approaches one of my furkids and says something a little crazy.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite crazy things people like to say.

dog meme1. He’s just a dog.

NO! He is not. He is my furry adopted child. Don’t ever say that again.

2. OMG! There is dog hair all over your house. Do you ever clean this place?!

Yes. Yes, I do. I’ve actually been through three vacuum cleaners this year. I’m currently trying out the $400 Dyson Animal… You can see how well it’s working.

3. You told me that there may be a LITTLE dog hair in the backseat of your car. This is not a little.

Hey? Why make mountains out of mole hills? I say toe- MAY-toe you say toe-MAH-toe.

dogmeme34. Why don’t you just get rid of one. They have to cost you a fortune.

Why don’t you just get rid of one of your children? Perhaps the one with freckles? I hear he still isn’t potty trained.

NO! I’m not getting rid of my children.

5. Can’t you just leave your dog at home for the night? It’s not like he’ll know the difference.

Yes. He will. He knows EXACTLY what time it is, and he will know if I am more than 5 minutes late. I need to get home NOW.

6. I can’t believe you let your dogs on your furniture.

Where?! I don’t see a dog. I see a furry child with a long nose.

dog meme27. Did you really just buy your dog his own ice cream?

Yes I did. The people at Dairy Queen loved him and gave him a cheeseburger to go with it. You’re just jealous your children aren’t as cute as he is.

8. You really need to get rid of your pets so that way you can take college more seriously.

If I got rid of my dogs I would have so much money and time on my hands I’m not sure what I’d do… I’d probably go buy another dog.

9. Please don’t tell me you let your dog in bed with you.

Ok. I won’t.

dogbirthday10. Did you really just invite me to your dogs birthday party?

Yes I did and you had better be there. He only eats grain free and prefers toys with no stuffing. Please don’t bring your children. I don’t want them to take away from his experience. (By the way- Malakai turned 2 April 18! Yes, he had a party.)

I can’t be the only crazy dog lady that thinks these things when people bring them up. What’s your favorite anti-dog child saying you hear all too often?


5 things dogs love but humans hate

Malakai and Jayda got to spend some time helping their grandma  move to her new house this weekend. Malakai had to help so that he could be sure she didn’t forget “his” giant sectional.

While at Grandma’s new house Jayda and Mickey got to spend a lot of time in Grandma’s new fenced in back yard.

Unfortunately it rained almost all weekend and the barren flower beds were filled with mud. The events that followed led me to my post idea for the day.

5 things dogs love but humans hate.

1. Play in the mud.

Despite me and Rae’s best efforts we could not keep any of the three dogs out of the muddy, empty garden. We went through a half a dozen towels and 2 baths each in ONE day this weekend. Every time we brought the dogs in, they smiled at us like they had just won the lottery.

2. Roll in stinky things.

Not only did they all get to play in the mud, but they also found something gloriously disgusting to roll in. I’m not quite sure what it was, but all three dogs loved it. The smell was the reason for the bath, not the mud.

3. Dig in the yard.

With rain comes soft ground. What is the best thing you can do with soft earth you may ask? Well according to Jayda and Rajah, the answer is dig. They dug two giant holes roughly the size of Texas in Grandma’s brand new yard space.

4. Escape barriers.

Jayda had finally had enough of her playful puppy shenanigans and decided that she wanted to help move boxes and furniture. She ever so gracefully jumped the four foot wooden fence like a gazelle. What dog doesn’t like to test their boundaries?

5. Bark at intruders.

I left the most important doggie favorite for last. How can any dog resist the urge to bark at anyone they may think is an intruder. According to Jayda and Malakai, if a human/dog/bird/moving object is closer than three backyards away it is an intruder and must be warned to stay away. We couldn’t convince them otherwise.

I love my dogs, but man are they work. Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of my dog’s antics. I was busy moving. What are some things your dogs do that make you want to go crazy?

Really? Best in show? Right…

The Westminster Dog Show is the most prestigious of all dog shows. Breeders spend decades attempting to perfect their packs in hopes of competeing or winning “Best in show”.

Westminister has done many things for dog breeds over the years and one of those is contributing to ruining once majestic, healthy, working dogs.

2015 Westminster Dog Show winner

2015 Westminster Dog Show winner

Many animal activists and animal lovers are beginning to wonder about the ethicality of breeding dogs for what judges want to see in the show ring rather than breeders producing healthy, long-living animals.

One common practice that is becoming less popular for pet owners but is still mandantory in the show ring among dogs like the Doberman Pinscher and the Boxer is ear cropping & tail docking. There are currently only two reputable veterinarians in central Indiana that will crop a dogs ears and doc tails. Continue reading