You may now kiss the dog

John Legend and his dog, Pippa.

John Legend and his dog, Pippa.

I’ve loved John Legend since his hit, All of Me. I’m not going to lie, it’s definitely one of the shower jams my pups really love to listen to me sing in the morning.

However, Legend’s campaign to raise money for his nonprofit organization really has me loving him more.

Legend created The Show Me Campaign to help all children have access to quality education. To raise funds for his nonprofit, Legend is is giving away the chance to win a private concert for donations of just ten dollars.

The best part of his whole campaign is the music video he released of the wedding Legend staged for his two beautiful bulldogs, Pudy and Pippa. In the video Legend serenades the lucky pup couple with is hit song, All of Me, while the pair enjoy cake and toss the bouquet.

Seriously though, there is nothing cuter on the internet.


5 Things to do with your dog over spring break

Spring break is finally upon us and I will be on a cruise for the next week so I won’t be able to post. I will be back to posting next Monday.

I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, so I compiled a list of 5 fun things you can do with your dog this spring break.

1. Visit the dog park

Lafayette is lucky enough to have a great dog park located on Wabash Avenue just on the other side of the bridge from campus. Shamrock Dog Park is always loaded with pups that are super eager to chase your fur-kid around. Malakai and Jayda go at least once a week. They love it. Continue reading

Really? Best in show? Right…

The Westminster Dog Show is the most prestigious of all dog shows. Breeders spend decades attempting to perfect their packs in hopes of competeing or winning “Best in show”.

Westminister has done many things for dog breeds over the years and one of those is contributing to ruining once majestic, healthy, working dogs.

2015 Westminster Dog Show winner

2015 Westminster Dog Show winner

Many animal activists and animal lovers are beginning to wonder about the ethicality of breeding dogs for what judges want to see in the show ring rather than breeders producing healthy, long-living animals.

One common practice that is becoming less popular for pet owners but is still mandantory in the show ring among dogs like the Doberman Pinscher and the Boxer is ear cropping & tail docking. There are currently only two reputable veterinarians in central Indiana that will crop a dogs ears and doc tails. Continue reading