I thought it was Woodstock?

The summer has drawn to a close and we’ve been met with the first day of fall. Me, Malakai, Rae and Jayda had a great summer filled with road trips to places like Denver and Niagara Falls.

woofstock 2During our times away, Mickey and Jayda got to have a taste of the country life. They were lucky enough to stay with their Uncle Fish who has a large farm and plenty of room to run and play.

I’ve been scouting the Greater Lafayette Area for doggy events and I can’t be more excited to announce the 6th annual Woofstock Benefit Concert and dinner to benefit Natalie’s Second Chance. I am honored to say that I get to participate in this event by catering with Texas Roadhouse.

I’ll be sure to take loads of photos for you all and post about the event this weekend.

How was everyone’s summer? What did you do? Did your fur-kids get to go on any adventures with you?


Ending the semester is ruff.

So, the end of the semester is quickly approaching. I may not be posting as frequently so I wanted to be sure I gave you all a list of a few events and things that you can do with your dogs in the Lafayette area.

Hiking can be so much fun on a hot summer day

Hiking can be so much fun on a hot summer day

1. Go Hiking!

There are several parks that are pet friendly not far from Lafayette and campus. I love Turkey Run State Park, but Happy Hollow, Shades and Raccoon Lake are also fun places to take your dogs for a scenic walk.

2. Watch for events at the dog park

Unfortunately the Shamrock Dog Park had to reschedule their free dog park day because of the dog flu scouring the mid-west. The park plans to reschedule the event for later this summer. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for a new date and more events.

Excitedly running to the entrance of the Shamrock Dog Park

Excitedly running to the entrance of the Shamrock Dog Park

3. Watch Natalie’s Second Chance‘s Facebook for pop-up events.

Natalie’s is always pairing with local businesses and organizations for fundraisers and outreach events. They aren’t always the best about advertising for these events, but check their Facebook page for possible events this summer.

4. Start a new dog training class.

Malakai really did great at the Greater Lafayette Kennel Club as a pup and they run agility trials all summer. Even if your dog doesn’t know agility, it is fun to watch on Monday’s at 7 p.m. PetSmart is another local dog training facility that has many puppy classes all season.

your dog may not be this good at first, but imagine the cool things he could do at the end of the summer.

your dog may not be this good at first, but imagine the cool things he could do at the end of the summer.

5. Adopt a new friend

Finally, Almost Home Humane Society, Natalie’s Second Chance and Loving Heart Animals Shelter are always trying to find their fur-babies home. Almost Home hosts a lot of adoption events that offer discounted adoption rates and the other shelters are always staked out around town at places like Pet Supplies Plus and PetSmart trying to help their dogs find homes.

There are so many great places you can take your dogs this summer. Puccini’s will even allow your dog to dine on their patio! Don’t leave your furkid at home this summer, especially when there are so many great things you can do together.

I can’t believe you just said that!

I’m sure most all of us dog-child owners consider our dogs, just that, children. So, I can’t be the only one that gets totally offended when a guest comes to my house or approaches one of my furkids and says something a little crazy.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite crazy things people like to say.

dog meme1. He’s just a dog.

NO! He is not. He is my furry adopted child. Don’t ever say that again.

2. OMG! There is dog hair all over your house. Do you ever clean this place?!

Yes. Yes, I do. I’ve actually been through three vacuum cleaners this year. I’m currently trying out the $400 Dyson Animal… You can see how well it’s working.

3. You told me that there may be a LITTLE dog hair in the backseat of your car. This is not a little.

Hey? Why make mountains out of mole hills? I say toe- MAY-toe you say toe-MAH-toe.

dogmeme34. Why don’t you just get rid of one. They have to cost you a fortune.

Why don’t you just get rid of one of your children? Perhaps the one with freckles? I hear he still isn’t potty trained.

NO! I’m not getting rid of my children.

5. Can’t you just leave your dog at home for the night? It’s not like he’ll know the difference.

Yes. He will. He knows EXACTLY what time it is, and he will know if I am more than 5 minutes late. I need to get home NOW.

6. I can’t believe you let your dogs on your furniture.

Where?! I don’t see a dog. I see a furry child with a long nose.

dog meme27. Did you really just buy your dog his own ice cream?

Yes I did. The people at Dairy Queen loved him and gave him a cheeseburger to go with it. You’re just jealous your children aren’t as cute as he is.

8. You really need to get rid of your pets so that way you can take college more seriously.

If I got rid of my dogs I would have so much money and time on my hands I’m not sure what I’d do… I’d probably go buy another dog.

9. Please don’t tell me you let your dog in bed with you.

Ok. I won’t.

dogbirthday10. Did you really just invite me to your dogs birthday party?

Yes I did and you had better be there. He only eats grain free and prefers toys with no stuffing. Please don’t bring your children. I don’t want them to take away from his experience. (By the way- Malakai turned 2 April 18! Yes, he had a party.)

I can’t be the only crazy dog lady that thinks these things when people bring them up. What’s your favorite anti-dog child saying you hear all too often?

Running and eating cookies for the dogs

I had the opportunity to attend the Cookie Crumbler 5k last Saturday and was able to meet a few adoptable dogs and speak with a few regular volunteers at Natalie’s Second Chance.

The 5k, hosted by Purdue University as a fundraiser for Natalie’s Second Chance No-Kill Dog Shelter, took runners all the way around campus.

Half way through the race the runners were offered a half dozen Insomnia cookies to help fuel them up for the rest of their run.

There were so many people there, some running their first ever race, everyone seemed to be having a good time. I was able to catch a few video clips of people interacting with each other and adoptable dogs.

I also had the opportunity to speak with several runners and even a regular volunteer with Natalie’s Second Chance.

Natalie’s is a huge part of the Greater Lafayette Community. Most everyone in the area has done something to try to help Natalie and her dogs. Many organizations on campus volunteer and donate to the dogs regularly.

If you would like to donate to Natalie’s veterinary bill fund or just donate to the shelter in general you can find their PayPal information on their website.

Border collie puppy mill at it again

Sanders Border Collies is a well known border collie kennel in the Greater Lafayette Area, and it is not for good reasons.

Border collie recently seized from Sanders' farm

Border collie recently seized from Sanders’ farm

Randy Sanders, owner of Sanders Border Collies, has been under the watchful eye of many animal rights organizations, veterinarians and dog lovers for several years because of his extreme poor living conditions in his puppy mill-like dog kennel. Continue reading

This man’s work with senior dogs left me in tears

It takes an awful lot to make me cry, but the story of Thayne Hamilton and Grey Muzzle Rescue turned me into a puddle of mush.

Thayne operates a rescue for senior or severely abused dogs from Orcas Island, Washington.

This is Thayne with Lilla, a dog who lived chained to a concrete slab for 14 years.

This is Thayne with Lilla, a dog who lived chained to a concrete slab for 14 years.

Thayne and his wife Christine founded the rescue together and over a period of ten years rescued and rehabilitated over 20 dogs from all over the country. Many of these dogs faced euthanasia and were seen unadoptable by most. Continue reading

What’s so great about senior dogs?

old1Old dogs always seem to get a bad rap. You know, you always hear, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

How true is this old adage? Sometimes old dogs are just so perfect, they don’t need taught anything, and sometimes old dogs carry a wise and quirky charm that shows through despite their old “set in their ways” attitude.

This witty charisma lead photographer Pete Thorne to begin his project, Old Faithful. Thorne noticed that the old dogs seemed to have their life stories written all over their faces. Continue reading

Leash on life

Sometimes dogs aren’t the only ones who need second chances.

The Leash on Life program is a groundbreaking Pennsylvania program that pairs prison inmates with shelter dogs. The inmates take in dogs that are at high risk for being euthanized and go to live with an inmate where they will be trained to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizens test.

Higher training makes dogs more appealing to potential buyers, especially if they are a high euthanasia risk dog like a Pit Bull.

Inmates working with their dogs in Pennsylvania

Inmates working with their dogs in Pennsylvania

Continue reading

What a night for Natalie’s Second Chance

Sylvia’s Brick Oven was exploding with people last night. I arrived around 5:30 p.m. and was already have difficulty finding a place to park. It was even reported by one guest that they had to park two whole blocks away! That’s a long distance here in the big town of Lafayette.

In fact, it was so busy that according to Natalie’s Facebook page this morning, Sylvia’s Brick Oven ran out of spaghetti and extended the event to Valentine’s Day at 10 p.m.

Natalie's Donation Box

The donation box resting on a rustic piano in the lobby.

It was so great to see so many people of our community at Sylvia’s Brick Oven to support the dogs and Natalie’s Second Chance. Natalie herself was beaming with excitement and looked gorgeous in her long, black dress.

I had the opportunity to speak with Natalie for a short while and she told me that she is so incredibly grateful for all that the community does for the non-profit no-kill shelter. She told me that the shelter had veterinary bills in excess of $6,000 and hoped the SPAYgetti and NO meatBALLS event would put a dent in those bills. Continue reading