Border collie puppy mill at it again

Sanders Border Collies is a well known border collie kennel in the Greater Lafayette Area, and it is not for good reasons.

Border collie recently seized from Sanders' farm

Border collie recently seized from Sanders’ farm

Randy Sanders, owner of Sanders Border Collies, has been under the watchful eye of many animal rights organizations, veterinarians and dog lovers for several years because of his extreme poor living conditions in his puppy mill-like dog kennel. Continue reading


It’s all in the doggy DNA

Every time I take Malakai somewhere the first thing that people ask me is, “What kind of dog is that?”

DNA test kit

DNA test kit

So many people are so anxious to know what breed a dog is, rather than what his personality is.

I’ve rescued several stray dogs and you always kind of wonder what breed they are, and until recently there was no way to know.

Thanks to new tests like the Wisdom Panel DNA test kit, you can swab your dogs mouth for DNA and they will send you an itemized list of the top breeds your dog may be.

You never know what the test could tell you and maybe if your like the guy in this video, you are better off not knowing.

OMG- These are so my dog

This week has been really crazy and I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my dogs as I would have liked to.

When I’m missing my fur-kids I turn to Pinterest for some doggy entertainment, and my most favorite source for a good laugh is dog meme’s.

Hopefully this compilation helps you get through your Friday so that all you have to worry about is keeping Fido away from the Easter Dinner on Sunday…and maybe passing him a piece of chicken under the table.

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Don’t give your dog a bone

Make him work for it!

jaydaandtoysDogs will do almost anything for a treat, and lucky for Rachel Berger and her dog Alli, Alli will have a new bag of treats to work for. She was the winner of our cutest puppy contest last week.

On another note, my dogs LOVE to play with their toys, especially if treats are involved. It is really rare that either one of my fur-kids get a treat that isn’t deserved or used to keep them busy. Continue reading

This man’s work with senior dogs left me in tears

It takes an awful lot to make me cry, but the story of Thayne Hamilton and Grey Muzzle Rescue turned me into a puddle of mush.

Thayne operates a rescue for senior or severely abused dogs from Orcas Island, Washington.

This is Thayne with Lilla, a dog who lived chained to a concrete slab for 14 years.

This is Thayne with Lilla, a dog who lived chained to a concrete slab for 14 years.

Thayne and his wife Christine founded the rescue together and over a period of ten years rescued and rehabilitated over 20 dogs from all over the country. Many of these dogs faced euthanasia and were seen unadoptable by most. Continue reading

Who’s at fault: dog or child?

In a story reported by Wave 3 News on March 24, 2015 Scott Wade, owner of a boxer named Toothless, told the story of his dog biting the 5-years-old neighbor boy.

Wade and his dog Toothless

Wade and his dog Toothless

The police report states that the attack happened when Barrett Graeter, the child, went in to Wade’s backyard to retrieve Barrett’s dog that had gotten loose while the child was walking it. While in the backyard, Wade’s dog got loose from his leash and bit the child.

Wade blames the attack on the child, Barrett, and Barrett’s parents. Continue reading

What’s better than puppy breath?

Coming home to your puppies after a long week without them.

Jayda and Mickey had an awesome spring break on our friends farm and they are still sleeping their ruff week off. I came home from our cruise very sick, but had an amazing time and the fur-kids are keeping me company.

On another note, when is a better day to come home (and gain internet access) than National Puppy Day?!

Photos have flooded Facebook and Twitter today and I know I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Who Doesn’t love puppies filling their news feed?

We’ve decided to host a cutest puppy contest. The contestants are recent Poe’s Pantry customers. The winner will receive a free bag of treats. The contest will end March 29.

Allie, a border collie, is Rachel Berger's dog.

Alli, a border collie, is Rachel Berger’s dog.

Avi, a shih-tzu, is Kelsey Shute's dog.

Avalon, a shih-tzu, is Kelsey Shute’s dog.

Mopar is Tyler Wallace's dog and Mopar is  a pit mix.

Mopar is Tyler Wallace’s dog and Mopar is a pit mix.

Now show us some puppy love and send me photos of your adorable fur-kids! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite puppy!

5 Things to do with your dog over spring break

Spring break is finally upon us and I will be on a cruise for the next week so I won’t be able to post. I will be back to posting next Monday.

I didn’t want to leave you all hanging, so I compiled a list of 5 fun things you can do with your dog this spring break.

1. Visit the dog park

Lafayette is lucky enough to have a great dog park located on Wabash Avenue just on the other side of the bridge from campus. Shamrock Dog Park is always loaded with pups that are super eager to chase your fur-kid around. Malakai and Jayda go at least once a week. They love it. Continue reading

A few of my favorite things

He isn't our school mascot, but i'm thinking he should be.

He isn’t our school mascot, but I’m thinking he should be.

Spring break is coming and many students here at Purdue are gearing up to head to their vacation destinations. But what if you aren’t going anywhere and you are still looking for something to do?

I’ve got a solution for you.

Spend quality time with your dog. I interviewed a few Purdue students to see what they will be doing with their dogs this spring break and what their favorite thing to do with their dog is. Maybe you can try a few with your dog? Continue reading