About Courtney

meandmalakaiBio: My name is Courtney Mulvey, I am an agricultural communications major at Purdue University with a passion for dogs and pet food education.

I received my associates degree in agricultural science in May of 2013 where I also studied animal nutrition.

I am an animal enthusiast that has owned a wide rage of animals from ferrets to horses and of course dogs. Animal nutrition has been a passion of mine for a long while. I have been known to flip dog feed bags just to read the ingredients, just in case someone may ask me about that particular feed at some point. I really enjoy being able to help people out with their dogs diet.

I spend my free time playing with my dogs Jayda and Malakai and look forward to beginning their training to become canine good citizens. I also own two horses, Calvin and Armani, and enjoy passing time in the hay loft while working on homework.


5 thoughts on “About Courtney

  1. Hi Courtney: We (Ray and I) understand that you are our latest Follower! Many thanks. We hope that you get as much pleasure from reading our Posts, as we get out of writing them. In all honesty, Ray doesn’t do too much of the writing due to his big paws, but he gives me lots of ideas so we work as a team. 🙂


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