Border collie puppy mill at it again

Sanders Border Collies is a well known border collie kennel in the Greater Lafayette Area, and it is not for good reasons.

Border collie recently seized from Sanders' farm

Border collie recently seized from Sanders’ farm

Randy Sanders, owner of Sanders Border Collies, has been under the watchful eye of many animal rights organizations, veterinarians and dog lovers for several years because of his extreme poor living conditions in his puppy mill-like dog kennel.

Late last year, Sanders had more than 40 dogs seized from his property after he failed to meet regulations that the court advised. He had been asked to provide proper ventilation and water supply to the dogs. Because he did not meet these regulations, not only were all but three of his dogs seized, he was told he could not own more than three adult dogs at a time and was not allowed more than one litter of puppies a year. He was also given a $50,000 judgement.

Unfortunately, Sanders is being taken to court again for not being in compliance with the court regulations.

Seven dogs were seized from Sanders’ property in late February due to fecal matter being severely matted into the dogs coat, extreme lice infestation and general poor care. One dog may lose an eye because of an infection that was not properly cared for. Another dog that was found limping, and was the cause for police to be sent to the property, will be receiving x-rays.

It was reported today by WLFI that Sanders will not be getting any of the seven dogs back and he has been given another $10,000 fine. Sanders has also been given a temporary order preventing him from having any animals other than his household dog.


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