Don’t give your dog a bone

Make him work for it!

jaydaandtoysDogs will do almost anything for a treat, and lucky for Rachel Berger and her dog Alli, Alli will have a new bag of treats to work for. She was the winner of our cutest puppy contest last week.

On another note, my dogs LOVE to play with their toys, especially if treats are involved. It is really rare that either one of my fur-kids get a treat that isn’t deserved or used to keep them busy.

As mentioned in my Super Bowl blog post, Jayda loves it when I stuff her marrow bones, but Malakai and Jayda really love their treat puzzles.

Mickey and Jayda's treat puzzles.

Mickey and Jayda’s treat puzzles.

Malakai is super fast at figuring his toys out and more often than not, Jayda has to watch Malakai before she can do her own puzzles. She is so high energy that she gets frustrated and doesn’t use her head to figure the toy out.

Malakai is a pro with the toys and can usually figure his toys out in a matter of minutes. Malakai hadn’t seen his purple spinning puzzle for almost a year and he figured it out in less than 30 seconds.

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I know some of you use puzzles with your dogs. Do you have any of the same ones as my dogs? Which puzzles are your dogs’ favorites?


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