Who’s at fault: dog or child?

In a story reported by Wave 3 News on March 24, 2015 Scott Wade, owner of a boxer named Toothless, told the story of his dog biting the 5-years-old neighbor boy.

Wade and his dog Toothless

Wade and his dog Toothless

The police report states that the attack happened when Barrett Graeter, the child, went in to Wade’s backyard to retrieve Barrett’s dog that had gotten loose while the child was walking it. While in the backyard, Wade’s dog got loose from his leash and bit the child.

Wade blames the attack on the child, Barrett, and Barrett’s parents.

Wade’s child reported that, “Every time that kid ever got around my dog in this back yard, he kicked him or punched him.”

The dog was sent to spend 10 days at the shelter and is on dog house arrest, essentially, indefinitely.

Wade insists that his dog Toothless is kind-natured and loves kids.

After reading the story, the first thing I thought about was why a 5-years-old child was walking a dog by itself outdoors. Many dogs are territorial of their property or may not be comfortable around other dogs. If the dog really is dangerous around people, it is negligence on Toothless’s owners part. However I feel that this accident is primarily the fault of the child and his parents for not watching their child.

I searched the comments on the news sites comments and many people agree with me.


Who do you think is at fault for this dog attack: the child, the dog or the parents?


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