What’s better than puppy breath?

Coming home to your puppies after a long week without them.

Jayda and Mickey had an awesome spring break on our friends farm and they are still sleeping their ruff week off. I came home from our cruise very sick, but had an amazing time and the fur-kids are keeping me company.

On another note, when is a better day to come home (and gain internet access) than National Puppy Day?!

Photos have flooded Facebook and Twitter today and I know I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Who Doesn’t love puppies filling their news feed?

We’ve decided to host a cutest puppy contest. The contestants are recent Poe’s Pantry customers. The winner will receive a free bag of treats. The contest will end March 29.

Allie, a border collie, is Rachel Berger's dog.

Alli, a border collie, is Rachel Berger’s dog.

Avi, a shih-tzu, is Kelsey Shute's dog.

Avalon, a shih-tzu, is Kelsey Shute’s dog.

Mopar is Tyler Wallace's dog and Mopar is  a pit mix.

Mopar is Tyler Wallace’s dog and Mopar is a pit mix.

Now show us some puppy love and send me photos of your adorable fur-kids! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite puppy!


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