A few of my favorite things

He isn't our school mascot, but i'm thinking he should be.

He isn’t our school mascot, but I’m thinking he should be.

Spring break is coming and many students here at Purdue are gearing up to head to their vacation destinations. But what if you aren’t going anywhere and you are still looking for something to do?

I’ve got a solution for you.

Spend quality time with your dog. I interviewed a few Purdue students to see what they will be doing with their dogs this spring break and what their favorite thing to do with their dog is. Maybe you can try a few with your dog?

What dog doesn't love rollin' with the windows down?

What dog doesn’t love rollin’ with the windows down?

Taylor Kennedy, an agriculture major, owns a schnauzer mix and she loves to take him on car rides when it is nice out.

“I roll down all the windows and he runs from window to window wagging his tail hanging his head out with his tongue out.” said Kennedy.


Who doesn't love a four wheeler ride?

Who doesn’t love a four wheeler ride

Jessica Harsh, an agriculture communications major, is very excited to get to spend time with her dog this spring break.

“We like to go on four-wheeler rides in the back fields,” said Harsh. “Jazz, of course, will be helping my brother and I with daily cow chores and also hang out in the barn with us as we prepare cattle for the Ohio Beef Expo.”

Brie's dog Tybalt

Brie’s dog Tybalt


Brianna Webber, a communications major, is excited to just get to spend time with her dog, Tybalt.

“I honestly just love to have him beside me when I’m laying around the house, or sleeping at night.” said Webber. “It’s just really calming and relaxing to have someone who loves you so much just chilling out beside you doing nothing.”

What’s your favorite thing to do with your dog? Why?


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