Doggie Date Night, anyone?

Love is in the air, the cold wind is blowing relationships closer together and pups in shelters are tucked into their kennels dreaming of finding their perfect humans and u-hauling it into the home of their dreams.

What better gift could you give yourself than a canine companion? A canine companion is someone who will be there when you wake up in the morning staring you in the face nose to cold, wet nose; someone that will be there to kiss away your tears when your human relationship fumbles through milestones. Someone that will love you even on your grungiest sweatpants and hair tie kind of day.

Simon is available for adoption through Natalie's Second Chance.

Simon is available for adoption through Natalie’s Second Chance.

There are so many contenders that need homes, and who could say no to such a perfect face? Simon is an older gentleman who looks like the perfect match for date night in with Netflix and bad Chinese take-out.

We all know those are the best dates anyway.

Maybe you aren’t ready for a committed relationship but really want to help these single guys and gals find their way to their one true love?

Natalie’s Second Chance dog shelter and rescue is hosting an event Friday, February 13 at Sylvia’s Brick Oven. Join Natalie’s from 5 p.m. to close to help raise money for the shelter’s vet bills at Wildcat Valley Animal Clinic. I will be there to live tweet the event through our twitter #PoesPantry with the hash tag #NataliesSecondChance.

Let us know if you will be there!

Tweet photos to #NataliesSecondChance during the event to show your support and the chance to be re-tweeted by us! Even better, let us know if Natalie’s Second Chance helped you find the love of your life! Be sure to post photos!



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