To Grandmother’s house we go

I swear that my dogs love nothing more than getting to take a road trip. Whether we are going to the dog park or their Uncle Tyler’s they can hardly contain their excitement.

But let me tell you something, one special place beats out all the others- Grandma’s.

Just the mere mention of that heavenly name will send my dogs into a frenzy.

“You guys wanna go to Grandma’s?” I’ll ask. They answer with the famous puppy eyes and head tilt to the left like they can’t believe what sort of magical question I’ve just asked them.

All 90 pounds of big, lazy, fluffy Malakai will then jump up off the couch and somewhat hurriedly jog to the door while Jayda takes off at a full out sprint and usually smashes against our door so hard that the neighbors check to see if they have guests. All before being drug to the car like a mom chasing a two-year-old.

What is so appealing about Grandma’s you may ask? Well, not only is Grandma the nicest lady ever, she has a back yard, a doggie friend, great treats and most importantly, a GIANT brown corduroy sectional couch.

To Malakai, this couch isn’t just any couch you see, it’s large enough for him to lay down and stretch out like a lion on a basking rock and will still hold, his sister Jayda and all of his hooman loves.

Malakai even has his own special spot on the couch… his grandma’s spot! I mean, what could be better? It’s already warmed up for him and he loves the way he fits into the grooves. Not only is this spot warm and cuddly, it is the closest to the table fan.

Fans are perfect for pretending to be Fabio and belching into the air and making Darth Vader noises (He does this fairly frequently, as well as a few other unmentionables that emit a gas mask worthy odor).grandmas couch

Not many dogs could get away with stealing the best seat in the house, but at Grandma’s house the grand-kids always get priority.

What’s your dogs favorite place to visit?


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