Grain free, Gluten free… What do I need?

Parading up and down the aisles of the local pet food store attempting to choose the “best” food for your dog can kind of feel like you’re the pug in a group of border collies chasing a tennis ball at the dog park. You’re trying your hardest, but you just don’t know if you’re going to get it.

mickeynatureslogicI work at Buckles Feed Depot and we sell premium pet foods. I have noticed that in recent years grain and gluten free pet foods have become more common. Thanks to companies like Blue Buffalo and Wellness, pet owners are becoming more aware of what their pets are eating.

I’m also betting that the 2007 wheat gluten contamination also helped to make pet owners more aware.

Grains in general contain high levels of Omega-3’s which can cause increased inflammation in the body if it is not balanced with equal parts of Omega-6. This means that you’ll have to deal with the doggie fluff tumble weeds rolling across your kitchen floor more frequently than if your dog was on a grain free diet.

However, not all grains are treated equally. Corn for example, is very high in omega-3 and can not be properly digested by dogs. Corn is very cheap to purchase and is used as a filler in low quality dog food brands such as Beneful and Old Yeller. This is why a customer can purchase a large bag of food for a small amount of money.

Quinoa is a much better grain source. It is high in protein, dogs aren’t usually allergic to it and it is easily digested. However it is more expensive and drives the price of feed up.

There is a lot to learn about pet nutrition and picking the perfect food for your dog. In short, there’s no such thing as the best food on the market, because it all depends on what your pet needs. If you dog has a grain allergy, grain free is a good place to start. If your pet sheds terribly, try cutting the grains. However if you are looking for a high quality food it may be a good idea to start looking at gluten free options.

Malakai and Jayda eat Nature’s Logic as well as home cooked meals and treats from Poe’s Pantry. If you are interested in learning more about your dogs food check out or

This is Malakai in his awkward puppy phase… Anyway, he still loves every Nature’s Logic formula.


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