That poor pup! Why’d you do this GoDaddy?!

Everyone seems to be getting excited for the Super Bowl. I guess I could say I’m excited for the big game too if you’d consider the commercials the star of the game.

This morning my blog feed was blowing up about some GoDaddy Super Bowl ad and I was expecting the ooey gooey cuteness that Budweiser slobbers on us every year… That’s definitely not what I got.

I can’t even believe what I just watched! Literally, my mouth is gaping open in shock. What a vile woman, she’s got to be related to Cruella De Vil or something!

At first I was all mushy and sad because the poor little dude was launched out of the bed of his owners truck (SO irresponsible), then I was elated by the fact that “Buddy” made it home. No amount of cute could make up for that ending though!

How could they even think shipping a puppy off was ok? Luckily, GoDaddy has decided to drop the ad for the upcoming game.

The AKC chimed in about Buddy’s case and rather than talk about the commercials pitfalls, the AKC reminded pet owners of the importance of choosing a reputable breeder.

I say skip the breeder and adopt.

Am I the only person that felt like a dagger went through my heart at the end of this ad? Let me know what you thought of it. Maybe I’m just crazy.


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