Malakai has resigned

Malakai has officially hung up his baking apron and has decided that writing just isn’t for him- he prefers eating treats rather than writing about them. Don’t be discouraged though, I’ll be relaying some of Malakai and Jayda’s best stories of the week on “Malakai Monday’s”. So, in the spirit of Malakai’s resignation I would like to announce the all new Poe’s Kitchen blog.Malakai

I’ll still be posting about what’s going on for dogs in the Lafayette area, but I’ll also be posting toy and treat reviews and maybe even some ideas on how to make your own toys. Your dog may love the $25.00 Kong Wobbler treat dispensing toy from Buckles Feed Depot, but if I can find a way to make my own that will save a few dollars maybe I can eat Taco Bell instead of Ramen a few nights a week. Who am I kidding, I’d still probably skip out on Taco Bell and buy the puppies a bully stick.

I have always been a dog lover and spend almost all of my time, outside of class and work, reading about how to make my dog’s lives easier… if that is even possible, Malakai has more grooming products than I do. On free nights, I hover over my computer like a dog hoards a tennis ball reading about pet nutrition and ways to keep my fur-kids mentally stimulated and happy.

So, hopefully you all have been working on your “recalls” and will eagerly come back to continue to learn new ways to interact with your pets.


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